About Therapeutic Massage
     I have no pressing health problems, what can massage do for me? Massage is a wonderful way to help a healthy body stay that way. The relaxed physical state that massage induces, combined with the benefits of increased circulation, elimination of waste products in the muscles, and improved nutrition to the skin, organs, muscles and bones helps maintain a balanced physical state.

     What can I expect in my first massage? We will ask you a few questions on relevant medical history and what you are seeking from the treatment. You will relax on a padded massage table, draped in a sheet or towel to stay warm. Often we will focus on two or three areas throughout the session. Sometimes we simply do a general stress reducing treatment. We may integrate many soothing modalities to compliment our hands-on work.

     Is this a good way to alleviate stress? Everyone occasionally gets overwhelmed by the stress of everyday life. Unfortunately, it can result in annoying physical symptoms such as headaches, digestive complaints, backaches and fatigue. A good massage can help your body correct these uncomfortable symptoms by facilitating relaxation and reducing stress.

     What is your training? I began my career in 1986, practicing in N.Y.C.  In 1988, I graduated from the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, FL. At the time I received my N.Y. license to practice massage. For 12 years I worked & taught at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, N.Y. (the largest holistic health institute in the U.S.). Additionally, I spent 6 years working in a Physical Therapy clinic in Carnegie Hall in N.Y. Overall I have done approximately 12,000 treatments over the past 17 years. I currently practice and teach in Northampton, Ma.